• Buggy Exhibition, “divide”

    2014. 12. 03 Wed. - 2014. 12. 23 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “divide” by buggy from 3rd of December to 23rd of December 2014.
    Buggy is an illustrator manly works with fashion magazine for women such as VOGUE JAPAN, NUMERO TOKYO, Figaro japon, anan and GLAMOROUS.
    Also he directs cover design of CD and T-shirt for numerous artists.
    He actively participates in live painting and you could easily find his live painting artworks in town both Osaka and Tokyo.
    Apparently, He has gained popularity in fashion and pop culture scenes while he is in charge of an illustration designer for famous magazines and artists.
    At the end of last year, he was in charge of advertisement illustration designer and painter inside the building of “rock star hotel” and he became the focus of art industry and fashion industry.
    In his works, he uses popular fashion designer or fashion models as motif and he is striking of drawing bleeding nose which is his original style and that originality grabs attention and attracts people.
    It is approximately a year past since the last exhibition of buggy at DMOARTS and this time is the third solo exhibition.
    In this time of exhibition, he will display-sale thirty latest artworks with the theme of beauty, vanity, strength by capturing a fragment.”
    We will carry the latest My First Art series of buggy and iPhone cases with new design.
    This exhibition will be valuable and there are no excuses to miss it.

    Buggy has started as an illustrator/painter from 2006.
    He has painted a facade of sundries department shop, “ASOKO” and he designed all visual images of “Rock Star Hotel”.
    He actively participates in exhibitions both solo and group.
    In addition, he often collaborates with fashion brand and manufacture industry to produce original goods.

    [Magazines] VOGUE JAPAN , NUMERO TOKYO , Figaro japon , anan , GLAMOROUS
    [Advertisement] Landmark Tower of Yokohama, elecom
    [The clothing industry] marc by marc jacobs , Stella McCartney , UNIQLO, 5351homme
    [Others] rock star hotel , ASOKO, Walt Disney Japan