2014. 5. 21 Wed. - 2014. 6. 10 Tue.

    Artistic Loop Line" running through Osaka debuts June 1!.
    FM802's art project "digmeout" and JR West Group have collaborated!
    As part of the "Osaka Loop Line Remodeling Project," eight artists have created artwork for the special "OSAKA POWER LOOP" train.
    Each of the participating artists designed each train car with eight different themes based on the scenery along the Osaka Loop Line, famous places, festivals, and other motifs.
    To commemorate this project, a group exhibition of the eight artists who participated in the wrapping art was held.
    In addition to exhibiting and selling their recent works, the artists will also compete to create a work on the theme of "loop" in reference to the Loop Line.
    The JR West Group has launched the "Osaka Loop Line Renovation Project" to create a more attractive Osaka Loop Line, and has been working on a number of projects to create new value, including the opening of Viera Tamatsukuri, beautification of Morinomiya Station, and the introduction of train departure melodies at each station.
    As part of this project, the "OSAKA POWER LOOP" wrapping train is now in operation.
    Eight "digmeou" artists vividly depict the charms of the towns along the Osaka Loop Line.
    We hope you will enjoy the competition of the unique designs of each train car and visit the Osaka Loop Line, which is full of attractive spots.
    The "OSAKA POWER LOOP" train will depart on June 1.
    ifuku kazuhiko
    Born in 1979.
    His works are characterized by colorful colors and relaxed lines.
    In 2007, he passed the "digmeout Audition 2007.
    He is active in a wide range of media including magazines, music, and fashion, as well as window displays at Hankyu Department Store's Umeda flagship store, Promise TV commercials, and main visuals for AEON MALL.
    She has also collaborated with the stationery brand "HIGHTIDE" to produce notebooks, tote bags, and storage goods.
    After graduating from a technical college, he worked as an assistant writer before going freelance.
    Currently working mainly in the comic and game industries for the North American market.
    The work expresses a new sense of surprise and reminiscence by depicting the incompatible time axis of the future and the past, based on the image of "fossils that may be dug up by people from the future.
     MINAMI WHEEL2013 main visual, large art delivery for dropbox,inc's head office music room, illustration for The new republic article, cover for Hayakawa's Bookman trilogy by Ravi Tidhar, etc.
    Mayumi Terada
    Born in Hyogo Prefecture and currently lives in Osaka Prefecture.
    Graduated from Konan University, Faculty of Letters, Department of English Literature.
    Passed the digmeout audition in 2006.
    Currently active in advertising and magazines, including visual production for the Organ Transplant Network, Valentine art for the grand staircase at Keihan Kyobashi Station, CD visual for Pony Canyon's Rika Tanaka's album "Japanese Songbook," and bookbinding and illustrations for Felissimo Publishing's "Kawaii" (cute).
    She draws funny, lovely, and small things, and it is her pleasure to make people smile.
    Ryohei Yamashita
    Ryohei Yamashita creates paintings and illustrations based on the consistent theme of "dynamism.
    He has created cover illustrations for Magazine House's "Tarzan," visuals for Nike, SONY, etc., live paintings for the music festival SUMMERSONIC, and was involved in the creation of the official visuals for the Yokohama Marathon 2015.
    He has participated in numerous group shows in Japan and abroad (North America and Asia).
    Marmiyan began working under the name "Marmiyan" in 2007, based in Fukuoka, Japan.
    He is active in a variety of media, including magazines, posters, CD jackets, product packaging, apparel, and the Web.
    She aims to create sophisticated and highly finished works by graphically combining various icons such as people, flowers, animals, and buildings.
    She has also worked and exhibited overseas, lectured at universities, and given talk shows and seminars.
    He passed the digmeout audition in 2008.
    Yoriko Hatta
    Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting.
    Started her creative activities in 2006.
    She visualizes the glamorous traditions of Asia with a contemporary perspective.
    Her works are based on the concept of "showiness" as the main axis of her production.
    He works in both digital and analog media.
    Selected for eco&art AWARD 2009 (2009), selected for Toray Digital Creation Awards (DCA) (2009), selected for TokyoGraphicPassport/Portfolio Viewing Award (2010), selected for behance Japan Portfolio Review Grand Prize (2013), and many other awards.
    Hajime Sakurai
    Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2002.
    Illustrator and graphic designer.
    His works include "Takashimaya Osaka Emon" tote bag (2012), "Osaka Marathon" Nanairo charity T-shirt (2013), NHK "Radio English Conversation" textbook cover art (2014), and a wide range of other activities centered on advertising and publishing.
    With a deep knowledge of music, fashion, film, design, and art from the 1960s, he has been creating "old and new" works under the theme of "POP ART SOUL".