• Hikari Yamazaki ‘The day I decided to draw picture diary everyday’

    2014. 4. 09 Wed. - 2014. 4. 29 Tue.

    Opening reception will be on 12th of April, 6pm-8pm
    I complained..... I wondered what will happen when I become 50 years old at the age of 25 years old now.
    I hate it if I become an ordinary woman and display my hobby in a public hall.
    When I whining about it to the boss of digmeout, Mr.Taniguchi gave me a task to draw a picture dairy everyday.
    He continues,Draw a picture diary everyday and upload the photos of the dairy on Facebook and show it to public.
    Do not loaf on that, because if you draw continuously and keep on doing it for 25 years, it definitely will be your masterpiece.
    I was about to cry, because I was lost in a maze about my life and I did not know what to draw about at that time.
    April 18th, this day became a Memorial Day.
    The day I decided to picture diary everyday.
    Hikari's Memorial Day started from 18th of April,2013.
    Her work gathered sympathies and her fan increased remarkably by the words and the sexy illustration.
    She materialized a collaboration with girl's website also fashion brand one after another.
    It has been almost a year since she started to draw picture dairy everyday.
    In this exhibition, we will display-sale all the original picture.
    Please watch it and Please buy one.
    The picture dairy of Hikari will continue for another 25 years until she becomes 50 years old.

    [Profile of Hikari Yamazaki]
    She was born in Kanagawa prefecture on 1988.
    She majored design course and graduated from Women's College Of Fine Arts on 2010.
    She started her carrier as an artist as she passed a young artist excavation project, auditioned by digmeout.
    She uses acrylic paints, a color pen and color spray.
    She draws erotic, cute and mysterious girl as a character.
    As for drawing, it is not only like a girly style but also powerful like a street art.
    We would be appreciated if you feel her strong power.
    We look forward your visit!
    Thank you.