• Kana Otsuki Exhibition

    2014. 10. 01 Wed. - 2014. 10. 21 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is please to announce our next exhibition, The ribbon gets loose by Kana Otsuki from 1st of Oct Wed - 21st of Oct/ 2014.
    Opening reception will hold on 4th of Oct Sat 6pm- at dmo arts - anyone will be welcomed

    Profile of Kana Otsuki
    Kana Otsuki was born in 1984, residents in Kyoto.
    She is an acrylic painter and expresses modern society using a girl as motif.
    She started carrier as an artist since 2007 and actively participates in internal and external exhibitions.
    She also enlarged carrier as an illustrator and she has been introduced in ILLUSTRATION 2014 through spirited 150 illustrators.
    In 2013, she handled a binding image of A dark woman by Akiyoshi Rikako and Chryse,s fish by Hiroki Azuma.
    In 2014, she handled a CD cover of lasah s album, I LOVE YOU.
    This exhibition will be the sequal to the exhibition, Send back to birthplace which took place at The Art complex Centre of Tokyo in this January.

    Kana Otsuki uses girl and pupa as art work motif to express human life like a pupa matures into a butterfly.
    In her point of view, pupa is metaphor for a girl, 16 year old girl in a border line and butterfly is a metaphor for an adult.
    She describes a ribbon as a butterfly and when girl gets loose the ribbon, it represents the girl trying to become an adult while overcoming struggles.
    In present-day, the percentage of accomplishing every object is getting closer to zero due to development of technology.
    Also, desire and hope have routine of spring out and disappear at the same speed as achieving aims.
    As my hope, I would like visitors to feel something and ask yourself how you want to live in this transient society.