• Mako Nakahira Solo Exhibition “border”

    2014. 7. 16 Wed. - 2014. 7. 27 Sun.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present "border," a solo exhibition by Mako Nakahira.
    Mako Nakahira has been painting various landscapes using oil paintings as her base medium.
    She has created many series of paintings in parallel, such as bird's-eye view, lights of houses that people look up as they go home, and landscapes with reflections on the surface of water.
    Although all motifs are commonplace, everyday objects, they are given vivid colors by the artist's observation, extraction, and depiction.
    This exhibition will feature new works from multiple series, providing an opportunity to view all of Mako Nakahira's previous series of works in one place.
    We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.
    Opening reception: Saturday, July 19, 18:00-20:00, open to the public.
    Nakahira Masako.
    1979 Born in Shiga Prefecture
    2004 M.F.A., Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan
    Solo Exhibitions
    2013 Transparent room (gallery near/Kyoto) Point (Kyoto Seika University Building 7-23 Gallery/Kyoto)
    2012 The world turns over (gallery near/Kyoto), The world turns over (neutron tokyo/Tokyo), Returns of The world turns over (beak neutron/Kyoto)
    2011 Stars on the ground(neutron tokyo/Tokyo)Sunny Water(deem FIVE MANSION GALLERY/Kobe)
    2010 Stars on the ground(neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2009 here,there (neutron tokyo/Tokyo)
    2008 The world turns over (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2006 Kyoto Art Map 2006 "bird eyes" (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2004 blooming (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2003 Nomart Projects #2, Mako Nakahira exhibition, WATERING Nomart Edition, Project Space, Osaka)
    2003 17th Holbein Scholarship Scholarship. Group Exhibition
    2013 "Watashi" and "Sekai": Contemporary Painting and Video -Standards of Visual Expression- (Hankyu Umeda/ Osaka) "TAKE OUT ART! (gallery near/Kyoto)
    2012 ~A Beautiful Thing ~The Charm of Miniature Art~ (Isetan Mitsukoshi/Osaka) white ground (Isetan Mitsukoshi/Osaka) "TAKE OUT ART! (gallery near/Kyoto) Somewhere in nowhere~Somewhere in nowhere~ (neutron tokyo/Tokyo) Romantic Winter Scene~(Nishinomiya Hankyu/ Hyogo)
    2011 ART OSAKA 2011 (Hotel Granvia/Osaka) OPEN FACTORY (neutron Kyoto "FACTORY"/Kyoto) The World to Come (neutron Tokyo/Tokyo) Art Slope Exhibition (Seibu Department Store Shibuya) (Seibu Department store Shibuya) Shibuya Style vol.5 (Seibu Department store Shibuya)
    2010 Mt. Fuji Exhibition (neutron tokyo/Tokyo) Home, Sweet Home (neutron tokyo/Tokyo)
    2009 ART OSAKA 2009 (Dojima Hotel/Osaka) KOMAZAWAMUSEUM×ART (Komazawa Park Housing Gallery/Tokyo) When you wish upon a star (neutron tokyo/Tokyo) It's a small world (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2008 ART OSAKA (Dojima Hotel/Osaka) ART CAMP 2008 (Gallery Yamaguchi Kunstbau/Osaka)
    2006 dream GIRLS at Kyoto Art Center.
    2005 Selected Exhibition of New Artists of Kyoto (Kyoto Prefectural Museum of Culture) Art Court Frontier2005 #3 (Art Court Gallery/Osaka)
    2004 Kyo Exhibition at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
    2003 Kyo Exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art) ART CAMP in CASO (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka)
    2002 Contemporary Art Independent CASO Exhibition (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka) Mixture (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka)
    2001 Gunma Biennale for Young Artists (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma)