• Mio Matsumoto’s solo exhibition, Nature

    2014. 4. 30 Wed. - 2014. 5. 20 Tue.

    [Dates] 30th/April/2014~20th/May/2014 at DMO ARTS.

    Opening reception will be on 3rd/May/2014 6pm-8pm -Anyone will be welcomed!
    Mio Matsumoto is an illustrator who flourishes mainly in abroad.She uses seasonable flowers and a woman with bit malicious but pretty lookas a motif for her illustration.
    This is the second solo exhibition at our art gallery and she willdisplay-sale her new art work.
    Every rose has its thorn which means you cannot judge at first sight.
    In other words, you cannot understand how essentialit is only by its appearance.
    This proverb is used well when expressing a woman and Iquite like the expression, liken woman to flowers.
    In this exhibition's title, Nature has other meaningnot only 'nature' but also, essence,characteristics and true character and it is gathered by a single wordwhat I want to express in this exhibition.
    In addition to this exhibition,I would like to announce the collaboration work withMs.
    Yokota who is a designer of the jewelry brand,Pushque as a new trial.Please enjoy the essence of the woman whom we expresscharacteristic and the true character by all means.
    Mio Matsumoto.

    Mio Matsumoto was born in 1976.
    Mio grew up in Kobe, Japan.
    Mio decided to study in United Kingdom and therefore moved there atthe age of 20.
    Mio graduated from Kingston University with a 1st-classdegree in Illustration and graduated from the Royal College of Artwith a MA in communication art and design.
    During her study, Mio built up her drawing style based on the observationof things around her.
    Using smooth pen work, she draws portraits ofeveryday life and ordinary people.
    She enjoys working in various fieldssuch as advertising, editorial and fashion.
    Her work can be seen in magazines like ELLE Japon, Ginger Numero Tokyo,and Vogue Japon.
    She had illustrated over 6 years for a weekly fashioncolumn in Stella magazine by The Sunday Telegraph.
    Her advertisingclients include Jigsaw, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miller Harris, Nissan,RioBlush and SpaceNK.
    In addition to her published work “My Diary”, her first publicationin 2008 from Jonathan Cape publisher, United Kingdom,Mio has created a memorable love filled flickbook “Kiss”.