• Aki Miyajima Solo Exhibition “The more you remember, the fuzzier it gets.”

    2014. 10. 22 Wed. - 2014. 11. 04 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present Aki Miyajima's solo exhibition, "The more you remember, the more ambiguous," at DMOARTS.
    Based in Tokyo, Aki Miyajima is a widely active artist who draws illustrations and drawings of women.
    In this exhibition, her first solo show in about two years, she depicts works on the theme of sensual and ambiguous contents such as colors, textures, words, and feelings "I saw in a dream".
    We hope you will take this opportunity to view her works.
    Opening reception: 10/25 (Sat) 18:00- Everyone is welcome to attend.
    During this period, we will also exhibit collaboration works by " fiiju " and " paw ".
    The design pieces are a fusion of the refined design of the women's brand "fiiju" and the illustrations by Aki Miyajima.
    While inkjet printing is the mainstream, we chose to use textile printing by craftsmen in Kyoto to bring out the texture of the illustrations drawn with fine lines.
    *Only exhibition will be held during the exhibition period, and no orders will be taken.
    Aki Miyajima
    1979 Born in Shiga Prefecture Lives and works in Tokyo
    2002 Started working as an illustrator after his first solo exhibition in Kyoto.
    She mainly creates illustrations of women, plants, and animals.
    Currently active in a wide range of fields, including apparel, advertising, CD jackets, and cell phone content.
    Has exhibited many times in Japan and abroad, including solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and participation in events.