• Momoyon no Nekoyon

    2014. 11. 05 Wed. - 2014. 11. 18 Tue.

    Bringing art by young creators into your daily life.
    Momoyon was selected as the first artist for the new and fun art goods project created by FM802's art project "digmeout.
    Momoyon's laid-back and bashful cats are now available as cute cards and stickers.
    To celebrate the launch, we will hold a small exhibition of Momoyon's work.
    The Cat and Me."
    Cat lover with cat allergy.
    I like cats more than dogs, but I like Shih Tzu (dog) more than cats.
    No, I just like my parents' dog (Shih Tzu). ....
    I'm still generally a cat lover.
    I prefer big faces.
    I like the face with a lot of flavor. 
    Born in 1984 in Kobe.
    Started painting with friends around 2003, selling postcards on the street and holding exhibitions.
    Passed the digmeout EXHIBITION audition in 2005.
    Since then, he has been active in exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including solo and group shows.
    Major works include the commercialization of "Samapan," a collaboration between GUNZE BODYWILD and digmeout, book covers, table of contents, and illustrations.