• Nobuyuki Oku “Harmonie”

    2014. 9. 17 Wed. - 2014. 9. 30 Tue.

    Artist Nobuyuki Oku, whose works incorporate mode croquis and are popular for their motifs of nude women and models, will present new works at My First ART's wall space.
    This year's exhibition will feature a collection of vibrant and gorgeous works featuring popular musicians and dancers, as if music can be heard.
    Nobuyuki Oku original painting My First ART $9,000 (tax not included)
    Nobuyuki Oku
    Creator of product design, drawing, and photography based on the theme of "noticing beauty.
    Representative of OKU's ATELIER. He has won many prizes in domestic and international design competitions, including the GOOD DESIGN Award.
    He has held numerous photo exhibitions in Ginza, Shinjuku, Osaka Nikon Salon, etc.
    Graduated from Masa Mode Academy of Art Advanced Class. Lives and works in Nara City.