• Ryosuke Matsuzono Exhibition Kapakempa

    2014. 9. 03 Wed. - 2014. 9. 16 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is please to announce our next exhibition, Kapakempa by Ryosuke Matsuzono.
    3rd of Sep - 16th of Sep/2014 at SOUQ, Hankyu Umeda 10F, DMO ARTS.
    Opening Reception will hold on 6th of Sep (Sat) -anyone will be welcomed!
    Ryosuke Matsuzono is an artist who draws unique and striking work by colour ink.
    He was born in 1984 and lives in Tokyo.
    He has received prizes such as Heart land Beer drawing biennial/ Tokyo Wonder Seed and passed audition, PORTFOLIO REVIEW by digmeout in 2013.
    With that as a start, we decided to hold his first solo exhibition in Osaka at our art gallery, dmo arts.
    This time of exhibition's theme, KEPAKEMAPA which means September in Hawaiian words and it has a meaning that he wants to display a lot of art works that he drew from August through September.
    Therefore visitor could feel the breeze of Summer and could feel the sense of mysterious and surrealistic world by his work.
    We look forward your visit!