• The Twinkle Of The World!

    2014. 6. 11 Wed. - 2014. 7. 01 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, The Twinkle Of The World by KYOTARO and Masako Shinya.

    [DATES] 2014,June,11th(Wed)-2014,July,1st (Tue)
    Opening reception, 2014, June, 14th(Sat) 6pm-8pm

    Live painting, 2014, June, 15th(Sun) 2pm-The drawing artist, KYOTARO and the fashion designer Masako Shinya have been published a collaborated art book called KARA PON PON by Rikuyosha (¥2,800-).
    This art book abuzz with these two artist's unique sense of the world.
    Apparently, these two artists are previously well-known in each fields so the art book is tremendously popular.
    We are going to hold the exhibition to celebrate the publication of KARA PON PON. This exhibition is the first attempt of it's kind in the country.
    Both Artists are from Osaka and the fashion designer, Masako Shinya's original brand, 'ahcahum' store is located next to our art gallery.
    Therefore we will sale collaborated goods with 'ahcahum' and of course the original paintings from KARA PON PON, latest art works and limited Giclee printed art works.

    Masako Shinya
    After she graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen in 1983, she started her own fashion brand 'muchacha' in 1994.
    The concept of the brand is HAPPY CLOTHING WITH HEART.
    One of a reason why this brand is so popular, is that she makes clothes by band embroidery, hand prints and uses original cloth which means she takes time to make each clothes and she also puts heart on making clothes.
    She acquired numerous fans including musicians such as Bjork and PUFFY.
    They are attracted by it's originality and sensitivity of the brand.
    She challenges not only participate in exhibition but also collaboration with other genres artists.

    She was born in Kyoto.
    he graduated from Kyoto Saga Art Junior College in 1988.
    She is a drawing artist who actives in drawing, painting, manga and animation.
    She had solo exhibition, 'The trip to heaven' in 2008, 'The way which fairy goes' in 2010.
    She also participated in international group exhibitions in New York, Miami, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco.
    She has been published some books such as 'Trip to heaven' in 2010, 'The Baby Shower Story' in 2012 by (Kawade Shobou), 'I SAW A LOT OF FAIRIES- THE WAY WHICH FAIRY GOES' by (ERECT Lab.) and manga, 'MWUAI' by (DAITOKAI) http://www.kyotaro.biz/