• Yo Ueda Exhibition “Animation inside the brain”

    2014. 12. 24 Wed. - 2015. 1. 06 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “Animation inside the brain” by Yoo Ueda from 24th of December, 2014 to 6th of January, 2015.
    Ueda was born in 1979 in Kumamoto and lives and works in Kyoto. He started carrier as a graphic designer in Tokyo and he turned as an illustrator when he moved to Kyoto. Since he was young, drawing and thinking about design is one of his life work.
    The artist himself, really like drawing and create things that he imagined in his brain.
    “I am inspired by consecutive composite pictures, especially consecutive composite pictures of gymnastics and those pictures make me somewhat excited.
    Even though, there is only one person appear in the picture, it seems like the person chasing one other and it can be seen the person ranging in a line.
    I get an odd impression from those two views while watching the pictures.
    Moreover, I like watching pictures rather then videos because picture only captures one action and it condensed in one animation.
    So, I can feel the movement at a time.
    In his artworks, almost every picture has surrealistic image of people, animals and the daily necessities; objects that are common in everyday life.
    In this time of exhibition, we will display-sale not only brand new artworks but also a clock as a first attempt.
    This exhibition will be a very interesting experimental show, so please visit us and enjoy!