• “Yoriko Yoda” solo exhibition

    2014. 1. 08 Wed. - 2014. 1. 21 Tue.

    Opening reception will hold on 11th/Jan (Sat) 6pm-8pm

    Yoriko Yoda will visit her exhibition on 11th/Jan, 12nd/Jan and 13th/Jan during the exhibition.

    【A beast wait upon its lord】
    -servant- Hold back and wait for commands fromone's lord and execute the commands obediently.
    The distant past, there was abeast which followed one's lord all time.
    The beast sometimes became as a sordand as a shield to protect the lord.
    And now, the beast pull out its tusk andforbit roaring to please the lord.

    【Profile of Yuriko Yoda】
    Yuriko Yoda was born in Ehime prefecture andlives in Tokyo.
    She graduated from Musashino Art University and majoredoil painting.
    She reconstructs the modern Asian culture and draw thesense of discomfort of the cultures and traditions.
    She participatesin art fairs all over Japan and exhibitions.