• Asahi Satoko Exhibition 000

    2015. 6. 24 Wed. - 2015. 7. 07 Tue.

    Asahi Satoko who is known for her painting will have her solo exhibition ‘000’ from 24th of June(Wed) to 7th of July(Tue) at gallery DMO ARTS.
    The reception party will be held on 4th of July(Sat) 6pm-9pm.

    Asahi Satoko lives and works in Tokyo, she learnt oil painting at Tama Art University and graduated in 2003.
    She has produced painting works of animals, plants and insects with her macro viewpoint.
    She is very circumspect in compositions to create historical atmosphere, but as for trimming, she is very dynamic.
    This dynamic trimming emphasis the beauties of nature and harmonizes historical and contemporary technique.
    Her unique scope leads to associate the image of nature from macro world and viewers are able to retrace the time which materialized in the picture.
    Asahi responses her ways of drawing that she does not choose object for work simply out of beauty.
    When she draws, she takes image from what she has seen in daily life and store them in her memory.
    Instead of capturing an image in front of her, she always try to retrace the memory and piece together in her picture.
    Therefore, the artwork seems like a collage by its unnatural composition and this unique technique of drawing establishes her individuality.