• Asari Fukushima solo exhibition “Cats Museum”

    2015. 12. 26 Sat. - 2016. 1. 12 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "Cats Museum," a solo exhibition by Goranari Fukushima.
    Based in the Kansai region, Goronari Fukushima has been creating two-dimensional works with cats as a motif.
    The cats are painted by collage of various materials in addition to acrylic paint and mineral pigments.
    The shining cats are adorable and invite us to a fairy tale world.
    In addition to the new works created especially for this exhibition, My First ART, made with giclee prints, iPhone cases, and other goods will also be available for purchase.
    This is the popular artist's first solo exhibition at DMOARTS. Please come and see it for yourself.
    Asari Fukushima
    She started living with cats 18 years ago, which is when she became fascinated with cats and started painting.
    Since that time, cats have always been the main motif of his work.
    While searching for a way to express the charm of cats to the maximum, he now mainly creates collages using his own photographs and mixed media paintings using various materials such as acrylic paint and mineral pigments.
    He currently lives in Shiga Prefecture with his 25 cats.