• Kazumi Ozaki, ‘Sprouting’

    2015. 2. 04 Wed. - 2015. 2. 24 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, ‘Sprouting’ by Kazumi Ozaki from 4th of February (Wed) -10th of February (Tue) 2014 on the wall space of DMO ARTS.
    It will open until 10am-8pm on week days, 10am-9pm on Friday and Saturday and on the last day, it closes at 5pm.

    Ozaki was born in Oita prefecture and lives in Osaka.
    She passed the digmeout audition in 2005.
    She participated in a group show in Portland in 2006.
    She actively works as illustrator mainly in Osaka.
    The striking feature of her artwork is to use pretty yet mysterious girl as a main character.
    The girl patronages to create innocent atmosphere in the artwork.
    She used watercolors and mimeograph printing when she debut, but now she uses xylography to creat a deeper worldview of her work.
    She is going to display-sale the latest woodcut printing, please enjoy the early announcement of fresh and green season along the filter of Kazumi Ozaki.