• Ryosuke Matsuzono Solo Exhibition “Someone’s memory”

    2015. 8. 26 Wed. - 2015. 9. 08 Tue.

    Fictional memories of a slightly strange family
    Images like pictures on the walls of such people, decaying objects, and stains of memories.
    (No one knows, it never existed.) Like a relic. /Ryosuke Matsuzono
    Matsuzono will hold his second solo exhibition in a year.
    The world depicted in color ink is a little cold, distant, and fascinating, a landscape of someplace other than here and memories of someone else.
    Please enjoy the sensation of wandering through imaginary memories.
    Public Drawing Event 8.29(Sat) from 14:00
    Drawings will be done on postcard size drawing paper upon request.
    3,500 yen per sheet (tax not included)
    Ryosuke Matsuzono
    Born in 1984 Lives and works in Tokyo 
    2007 Heartland Beer Drawing Biennial Award / Tokyo Wonder Seed
    2009 2010 2012 Selected / The 191st The Choice
    2014 Solo exhibition "Kepakemapa" DMOARTS