• Mayumi Terada ‘A Love Letter’

    2015. 2. 25 Wed. - 2015. 3. 10 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, A love letter by Mayumi Terada from 25th of February (Tue) to 10th of March (Tue), 2015.

    Mayumi Terada is an illustrator who works and lives in Osaka.
    She has graduated from Konan University, the department of English language and literature.
    She has passed the digmeout audition in 2006 and started a carrier as an illustrator in earnest since then.
    In 2014, Terada was in charge of a big project by digmeout to decorate a train that loops all around Osaka.
    She designed one of the railway vehicle.
    Nowadays, the communication tool has become simpler and easier compare to the old days.
    The social network services replace the tool to tell somebody love, appreciation and apology.
    Although, a letter was the only tool to tell feeling toward somebody in the old days.
    In this time of exhibition,Terada aims at expressing a feeling of love for a person and shape of love in the letter with an adorable and humorous images.
    It is her pleasure to grin and feel warm by her works from the viewer.