2015. 10. 14 Wed. - 2015. 10. 27 Tue.

    Stephen Kenny who is known for his letterpress works is going to exhibit his solo show in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka).
    “A TWO PIPE PROBLEM” is a letterpress studio based in Walthamstow, East London, run by Stephen Kenny.
    A working graphic designer, Stephen leads his trained eyes to create a new approach to the antique art of letterpress.
    At this time of the exhibition, he is going to release his new works captured ordinal scenes such as, ‘music’, ‘food’, ‘sound’, ‘happiness’ and ‘love’.
    These works may seem like abstract works at first glance, but you will figure out the idea that is intended to associate ‘sound’, ‘design’ and ‘word’.
    For instance, a main work of the exhibition, “RAIN IS POPCORN” captured an ordinal raining day, but when you get the deeper meaning behind the work, you will clearly imagine that little moment is the very special day.
    The background colour leads to associate an ‘umbrella’ and the sound of rain sheds the umbrella associates a sound of ‘popcorn’.
    The meaning of ‘food’ (popcorn) equals to ‘happiness’ and ‘peace’ and the imagination comes from ‘sound’ (rain drop). The theme colour of the exhibition is ‘BLACK & WHITE’.
    The monotone colour aims audience to call the scene to mind and colours the work to create own story.
    Furthermore, a work of ‘BLACK ON BLACK’ pushes to envelope on radical function of messenger and sign.
    It beyonds the stereotype of letterpress and it is also a step to art not only a messenger.
    He is a typography and print devotee and worked as graphic designer for 10 years.
    In 2007, he launched his letterpress studio, ‘A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTER PRESS’ and involved in corporate branding, book and record cover design for numerous artists.
    Meanwhile, he releases his original work of posters and greeting cards and he drew attention when he first exhibit at ‘PAUL SMITH SPACE GALLERY’ in Tokyo.
    With that as a start, he frequently exhibits solo shows in Japan.