• riya exhibition Whale Song

    2015. 9. 26 Sat. - 2015. 10. 13 Tue.

    riya is known for her paper cutout art works will have her solo show, ‘Whale Song’ after 2 years at gallery DMO ARTS.
    riya was born in Chicago, U.S.A, 1985 and she now lives in Tokyo.
    She uses method of paper cutout, arranging icons of animals, humans, waves, clouds, fire and starts to create works that are somewhat magical and ethnic features with hint of ecological views.
    At this time of the exhibition, riya will going to present her new works using a whale as main art motif.
    The duration will be 26 of Sep (Sat)-13 of Oct (Tue) and the opening reception party will be held on 26 th of Sep(Sat) 6pm-9pm.
    Please be aware that the last day of the exhibition closes at 6pm.
    Deep in the past, like the beginning of something new One part of the star falls into the sea Take a pause and began Staying alive for numbers of years.
    The figure takes one the shape of another being Join a ring together And I, the one who returned to the sea And I, the one who stayed on the land.
    You and I share the same parts.