• Tomohiro Shimizu EXHIBITION Periodic reports from planet ‘Q’.

    2015. 1. 07 Wed. - 2015. 1. 20 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “Periodic reports from planet ‘Q’” by Tomohiro Shimizu from 7th of January to 20th of January 2015.
    Tomohiro Shimizu was born in Iwate prefecture and works in Tokyo.
    He started a carrier as a contemporary oil painter after he graduated from Tokyo University of Arts in 2008.
    The notable features of his artworks is to draw a human with a flatten face and the various scenes of scenery in the background.
    Also, the human in his artwork could be seen as wooden stares and apathy, yet they seems like they are sorrowful and smiling as you keep watching them.
    He is going to exhibit at DMO ARTS after an interval of 3 years of exhibition “murmur zone”.
    This is the valuable opportunity to see his latest painting in Osaka, so please do not miss it.
    As the theme of the painting for me, is to imagine the world view behind the main point of focus while drawing.
    I sometimes screw up and cannot think in my head while producing artworks, but the sight appears when the stain of the paint drooped accidentally.
    After all, I am not the one who creates the artworks, it is may originally brought from white blank canvas.
    Drawing for me is to revive what I seen and came up from the white canvas and I would like you to enjoy my observation report.