• Ryohei Yamashita Solo Exhibition “EARLY BIRD”

    2015. 7. 22 Wed. - 2015. 8. 04 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to announce Ryohei Yamashita's solo exhibition "EARLY BIRD", his second exhibition at DMOARTS in three years.
    Ryohei Yamashita consistently presents visual works based on the theme of "movement.
    While his paintings focus on boldly capturing the movements of runners, swimmers, and dancers, he has also continued to present a variety of other works, including his Horizon series depicting the moment of sunrise and drawings that instantly depict models.
    It is still fresh in his memory that he was in charge of the artwork for the "OSAKA POWER LOOP" train, which has been in operation since last June, realized through a collaboration between FM802's art project "digmeout" and the JR West Japan Group.
    >For this exhibition, he has created a number of energetic paintings drawn from a perspective like a bird flying in the air in all directions and with free strokes.
    The exhibition will feature new works that capture the essence of movement by capturing the dynamic material while changing viewpoints.
    In addition to original works in sizes ranging from SM to B1 and drawings of people, the artist's latest original illustrations will also be on display.
    In addition, iPhone covers, 2015 calendars, popular samurai tights, and other goods will be on sale.
    Reception Party: 7/25 (Sat) 18:00-
    Live Painting: 7/25 (Sat) 13:00-18:00
    This exhibition emphasizes "seeing the real thing" and "sketching" more than ever before.
    By visiting locations whenever possible and repeating a large number of sketches with models in front of me, I was able to fully use all five senses in my expression.
    In particular, the moving croquis is a drawing of a person in constant motion, and each simple line seems to have a life of its own.
    The combination of roughness and precision infuses energy into the painting and leads to the dynamic expression that is the true essence of Yamashita's work.
    For this exhibition, I have been going out for an hour-long workout almost every day for the past two months and looking at the same scenery.
    I wanted to put what I see and feel by putting myself in the panoramic landscape, which changes its expression every day, onto the canvas.
    This is an experimental experiment to maintain my health as an artist, and I look forward to seeing how this will manifest itself in my work.
    Ryohei Yamashita
    He produces paintings and illustrations with the consistent theme of "dynamism".
    Passed the digmeout audition in 2008.
    He has also been active in art direction, creating cover illustrations for Magazine House's "Tarzan," visuals for Nike, live paintings for the music festival Summer Sonic, and the official visual for the Yokohama Marathon 2015.