• Asari Fukushima solo exhibition “sunny spot”

    2016. 12. 14 Wed. - 2017. 1. 05 Thu.

    14/12, 2016(wed.)-15/01, 2017(tue.)
    Close on the last day at 6 PM

    Asari Fukushima will hold a solo exhibition who is based on west Japan, showing artworks with a cat as a motif.
    In addition to acrylic paint and rock paint, she will exhibit works of adorable cat drawn by collage of various materials together.
    Please come and see the latest work of the artist who was extremely popular with last year 's solo exhibition “For me, a cat is a very warm family who welcomes me gently at all times.
    That very happy and warm feeling when I am with them overflows even a little to my works,and I am very happy if the customer who visits in the cold can feel a little warm feeling.”Asari Fukushima

    Asari Fukushima
    When she started living with a cat 19 years ago, she was fascinated by a cat and started painting.
    From that time on, the cats are always the main character of the motif.
    While seeking ways to express cat's charm, she now mainly collages using pictures taken by herself, and do with mixed media using various materials such as acrylic paint and rock paint.
    Currently she lives with 23 cats in Shiga Prefecture.

    Artist staying date (there is a possibility to change)
    December 14, 17, 18, 24, 25, 30 January 5