• asianeye presented by UNKNOWN ASIA 2016

    2016. 4. 06 Wed. - 2016. 4. 19 Tue.

    Reception : 9th Apr (Sat) 18:00, please feel free to join us.
    Close 18:00 on 16th Apr.
    Artist for exhibition : Aiwei Foo/act/Enna Yamashiro/Hozuki Kato/Haruna Deguchi/Miyazaki/Rukkit

    Last year Oct, new type art fair “UNKNOWN ASIA” was cooperated to organize by digmeout & ASIAN CREATIVE NETWORK(ACN) at OSAKA CITY PUBLIC HALL in Nakanoshima, 120 units of artists participated from Japan and Asian countries, as record of 6,488 visitors, the event was full of excitement.
    On this year 2016, UNKNOWN ASIA will be organized again application for participants will be started soon.
    For this omnibus exhibition, 6 units of domestic & oversea artists from UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 exhibit their artwork.
    Art unit “act_” are formed by Koji Shiroshita & TACO.

    Miyazaki’s presentation is simple shape and curved line, Spotlights are shinned on Hozuki Kato reviewer prize from Taiwan gallery at UNKNOWN ASIA 2015, although she just graduated university.
    Enna Yamashiro is performing wide range from art design to illustration, Haruna Deguch cherish the warmth of copper-plate etching, her original designed cushions are featured for sales due to winning of UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 DPI prize.
    praised as street artist Rukkit is performing based on Thailand, Bangkok, and Aiwei as image artist of UNKNOWN ASIA 2016 launch her first artworks in Japan.