• eimi exhibition [-utopia-]

    2016. 7. 06 Wed. - 2016. 7. 19 Tue.

    7/6 (Wed) - 7/19 (Tue)
    ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
    Reception Party: 7/9 (Sat) 6:00pm
    Please feel free to join us.

    eimi draws young girls in popart style using vivid colors.
    Her illustrations follow the theme “Utopia”.
    Her work centers around the story of a group of girls dreaming of the nostalgic.
    eimi plans to have T-shirts, art books, and more on display.

    A non-existent perfect world has been hiding for awhile. Within the girls, the colors, and summer, please look for the small details that conceal an imaginary world.
    - eimi

    Born in 1986, eimi grew up in Niigata Prefecture and currently resides in Tokyo.
    After graduating from design school, she increased gained experience working as a designer and is currently a free illustrator.
    Women in their teens and 20s have gathered to support these unforgettable and slightly malicious pop-art images of young girls.
    Alongside her work with magazines, books, events, and illustrations for television, eimi has a diverse portfolio which also includes illustrated advertisements and merchandise with Shibuya 109, PARCO, and others.
    Outside of Japan, eimi has exhibited galleries and gathered attention with exhibits in Los Angeles in 2010 as well as in New York, Spain, England, and Hong Kong.