• GOMA exhibition Lost memories, my world beginning to light up

    2016. 10. 26 Wed. - 2016. 11. 15 Tue.

    Artist GOMA draws various patterns of light, snow, flowers, water, and the sea in pointillism.
    GOMA will hold a long-awaited solo exhibition at DMOARTS.
    He is an active player of the didgeridoo, a traditional instrument of the Aboriginal people of Australia, and
    She is an artist who started primitive pointillism after a car accident 7 years ago.
    This summer, he published a book titled "Lost Memories: My World Begins to Light," which traces his journey from the accident and has been attracting much attention.
    This exhibition will show the trajectory of GOMA's activities up to the present, including the works featured in the book.
    Born in Osaka, Japan in 1973.
    In 2009, while playing the didgeridoo, a traditional Australian aboriginal instrument, GOMA was involved in a car accident that left him with memory impairment.
    Due to the aftereffects of the brain injury, she became hypersensitive to light, and suddenly started painting two days after the accident, using the world of light that she sees as her subject matter.
    Her pointillist paintings are characterized by primitive impulse-driven energy and beautiful gradation.