• Heroshi Nakyamera Exhibition SMILE

    2016. 9. 07 Wed. - 2016. 9. 20 Tue.

    07/09/2016 (Wed.) - 20/09/2016 (Tue.)
    Open 7days a week
    Close 18:00 on 20th of September.
    Reception party: 10/09/2016 (Sat.) 18:00-
    Entrance free
    Special portrait event: 10(Sat.), 11(Sun.)/09/2016
    About 30min. per person ¥3,000-
    Reserve/Contact: onlineshop@dmoarts.com

    Heroshi Nakyamera attracts attention with his humorous illustrations.
    This is the second time solo exhibition following the last year at DMO ARTS.
    In addition to some works exhibited at solo exhibition “friendly” in July, more gentle and happy newly works will be on display.
    Not only illustrations, but also 3D works and goods made from cardboard will be on exhibit.
    His current mood is fantasy exceedingly similar to real.
    Humans, animals, plants and machines are all in a utopia.
    It should makes you smile.