• Junzo TERADA Exhibition “PARTS AND POSTER”

    2016. 2. 24 Wed. - 2016. 3. 08 Tue.

    DATES:2016,Fab,24th(Wed)-Mar,8th(Tue) (The last day will close at 6:00pm)
    The reception party will be held at 7:00pm of February 27th, and the artist will attend the party.
    Please feel free to join us.

    We are going to have Junzo TERADA exhibition “PARTS AND POSTER” at DMO ARTS, Osaka.
    Once, designing B1-size posters was the longed-for work of all designers.
    It is not shown just as advertising production, but also loved for long time as art pieces filled with creativities of designers.
    Since the cycle of the information become shorter nowadays, we are accustomed to that pops up and carries away on the computer screen.
    At this exhibition, Junzo focused on the very big B1-size posters and let characters telling the stories on the posters.
    By a glimpse of the process of design a poster, hope you feel the energy of the pieces that you cannot see on the monitors, and the pleasure to draw.

    Junzo TERADA Born in Osaka, 1961.
    Started working as a designer since 1982.
    He is the designer represents all of Kansai area designers that draws fashionable and unique animals with soft touch reminds us European old picture books, works on package designing, character designing, illustrations, publishing picture books, and so on.

    寺田順三 個展 「PARTS AND POSTER」
    開幕 會將在2月27日下午7:00舉行,藝術家將出席。
    大阪DMO ARTS將舉 寺田順三展覽會「PRTS AND POSTER」。

    1961年出生於大阪 自1982年以來開始工作為設計師,代表所有的關西地區的設計師。
    他的 繪製款式新穎,獨特的動物與柔軟的觸感讓我們想起歐洲老圖畫書,其外活躍於包裝設計,字符設計,插圖,出版的圖畫書,等。