• Keta Minami solo exhibition「(e)scapeland」

    2016. 3. 23 Wed. - 2016. 4. 05 Tue.

    We are pleased to announce Keita Minami's solo exhibition "(e)scapeland".
    Keita Minami's diverse artistic activities include original oil pastel drawings of people, animals, and landscapes, as well as digital collages of his own work.
    This is the first solo exhibition in Osaka by the artist who won the Taniguchi Sumihiro Prize at last year's UNKNOWN ASIA.
    Scapeland is a term coined by swapping the before and after of landscape.
    Scape" means ~ landscape, and "land" means land or country.
    Scapeland is a place where strange landscapes come together.
    It is also an "escape land," a land where those who have escaped from somewhere live.
    Keita Minami
    Born in Tokyo in 1981.
    Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar and MJ Illustrations.
    Using mainly oil pastels, she paints a colorful and slightly mysterious world where pop, surrealism, and darkness coexist.
    She also creates digital works by collaging her own drawings on a PC.
    She has created illustrations for magazines, picture books, restaurant menu books, theater flyers, and more. He has had many solo and group exhibitions.
    In 2014, won the Grand Prize at the 15th Note Exhibition and the Silver Prize at the 12th TIS Open Call.
    2015 UNKNOWN ASIA, Juror, Taniguchi Sumihiro Prize; 197th The Choice, Selected; 12th Graphic 1_WALL, Selected, etc.