• Inori Kito solo exhibition”ambient girls”

    2016. 1. 13 Wed. - 2016. 1. 26 Tue.

    We are pleased to announce "ambient girls," a solo exhibition by illustrator and Japanese-style painter Inori Kito.
    In this first solo exhibition in Osaka, Kito will exhibit approximately 30 new Japanese-style panel paintings drawn with sumi ink, mineral pigments, foil, and Japanese paper, as well as original goods, including new works.
    A portrait drawing event will also be held during the exhibition.
    Please come and experience the raw texture of Japanese-style painting.
    Event Information
    Inori Kito: Portrait Painting Shop "KOJIN NIGAOE
    We will hold a portrait event during the exhibition. The artist will create an illustration of a customer as a dwarf, cuddling up to a motif of the customer's choice.
    Date and time: January 16 (Sat), January 17 (Sun), January 23 (Sat), January 24 (Sun)
    12:00-19:00 each day, until 17:30 on Jan. 16 only (tentative)
    Price: ¥1,000 per ticket (tax not included)
    *Please note that you may be asked to wait during busy times.
    After studying Japanese-style painting at university, I am currently working as a "cute" illustrator, mainly for fashion magazines.
    Every month, a large number of illustrations of girls, flowers, animals, etc. are printed, consumed, and then disappear.
    I sometimes feel a little sad for their short life.
    In Rimpa paintings, the universal world of "kawaii" is still loved by people even after 400 years.
    People/flowers/animals/etc. of the time are loosely and cutely depicted with glittering and gorgeous techniques.
    In this exhibition, we have carefully tried to capture the modern form of "kawaii" in Japanese paintings.
    Like the paintings of the Rimpa school, I hope to convey the world of "kawaii" of today to people hundreds of years from now.
    Inori Kito
    Kito Inori
    Born in 1991 in Shizuoka.
    Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japanese Painting Course.
    Utilizing her Japanese painting technique, she has been active in various fields such as advertising and fashion magazines.
    Major solo exhibitions include "little people" at pixivZingaro (Nakano).
    Selected for the 190th The Choice (judged by Hisashi Eguchi).
    Currently in charge of illustrations for the fortune-telling pages of "Soup.
    WEB: http://inorikito.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/inorii