• Masako Nakahira, solo Exhibition “Piece of Presence”

    2016. 5. 25 Wed. - 2016. 6. 07 Tue.

    Reception Party: 5/28 sat. 6:00PM-
    Masako Nakahira will be presenter her solo exhibition, “Piece of Presence”.
    Masako continues to present her work which uses oil paints as a base to depict various scenery.
    Her first show at DMOARTS in almost two years, she will be exhibiting pieces from her two series, called “Mado” (Window) .
    At this exhibit, Masako will display works from two series, “On the way home” and “Transparent room”.
    The common theme for both of these series is “Windows”. However.
    even though they contain the same windows, there is a big difference between these two works.
    In “On the way home”, the series tears out the existence of only those who live within the windows, and the “Transparent room” series shows the space around and outside of them.

    Windows create a connecting boundary between what is inside and what is outside, and using only these rectangular cutouts, distance and space is created.
    It also feels like the canvas shares the same properties with the world.
    For us, packed tightly in these cramped plots of land, we are able to live completely different lives in these many cut off spaces without interfering with each other.
    However, it could be said that we are doing it together as one singular happiness.
    What I drew was not a dramatic scene or place, and with nothing but scenery around me, that scenery is seen from opposing rectangles, and I feel this picture is something that permeates though everyone’s memories.
    Masako Nakahira