• Ayaka Nishino solo exhibition “Hitokoma”

    2016. 2. 10 Wed. - 2016. 2. 23 Tue.

    We are pleased to announce Ayaka Nishino's solo exhibition "Hitokoma".
    Ayaka Nishino is a young artist who studied Western-style painting at Kyoto Seika University and just graduated last March.
    She expresses casual scenes that caught her attention in her daily life.
    Based on snapshots taken with a camera, she crops and shifts the focus on the canvas to create matte-textured oil paintings.
    This is the long-awaited solo exhibition of the artist, who exhibited at ART OSAKA last summer and received favorable reviews.
    The motifs are based on photographs taken by myself.
    Most of them are trivial things that can be seen in daily life.
    When I look at them closely, I find that things that originally existed as individual objects overlap and form a whole flow.
    I feel beauty in the colors and shadows created by the light, and I cut them out and made them into paintings.
    I hope that the viewer will be able to feel something in this scene, which has no allegory or allegory.
    Ayaka Nishino
    Ayaka Nishino
    Born in 1992 in Osaka, Japan.
    Graduated from Kyoto Seika University in 2015 with a degree in Western painting.
    Started oil painting in high school and has continued to create works up to the present.