• Chika Tanigawa solo exhibition “Winter melting point”

    2016. 3. 09 Wed. - 2016. 3. 22 Tue.

    We are pleased to announce "Winter Melting Point," a solo exhibition by Chika Tanigawa, an artist/illustrator based in the Kansai region.
    In her second solo exhibition at DMOARTS, she depicts a girl with a lonely appearance.
    In her recent works, she has continued to exhibit both in Japan and abroad, broadening her range of expression to include graphical works and works that use more scenic depictions.
    This exhibition focuses on new works that evoke the transition from winter to spring.
    An event will also be held during the exhibition period.
    Please come and see the exhibition as well. [Statement
    "The Melting Point of Winter."
    Things are constantly changing, repeating morning and night without any connection.
    Under the cold night sky, lights are quietly lit.
    Light and shadows sway ambiguously in the field of vision.
    The trees that have not yet blossomed are still preparing their buds.
    Waiting for the snow to melt, I think of the spring that will soon come.
    Chika Tanigawa
    Chika Tanigawa
    Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1986 and currently lives in Osaka Prefecture.
    Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Developmental Sciences in 2010.
    In addition to continuing to showcase his work in Japan and abroad, he is active as a freelance artist/illustrator in a wide range of fields, including book illustrations for Shinzo Mitsuda's "Dokono Ie ni Mamono Haibutsu mono iru" (Chuokoron Shinsha) and Luka Inui's "Kiki-en Nankei" (Kobunsha) as well as CD covers for Foxtails Brigade. 
    Recent major solo exhibitions include "Yakusoku" (2015, Osaka, ONDO / Tokyo, GALLERY SPEAK FOR) and "colorful" (2015, Tokyo, POPOTUM).