• Tantan Presents: Shin

    2016. 6. 22 Wed. - 2016. 7. 05 Tue.

    6/22 (Wed) - 7/5 (Tue) ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
    Reception Party: 7/1 (Fri) 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Please feel free to join us.

    This is Tantan’s first exhibit held in the Kansai area, called Shin. Tantan is an artist specializing in modern art based in Tokyo.
    Having sold all of her works during last year’s exhibition, she has also gained attention by having special features published in fine art magazines.
    Tantan’s work features rhythmical abstract expression; her paintings will be put on display at the exhibit in Osaka.

    Truth 真, Heart 心, Deep 深, Core 芯, Belief 信, New 新, Progress 進…
    all of these ideas are pronounced ‘Shin’...
    I suppose I am trying to live my life keeping “Shin” in mind.
    My art is a record of the conversations between these concepts and my everyday life.

    Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1977, currently living in Tokyo.
    She started presentations in 1995.
    After working as a Victor Promotional Artist, Tantan studied abroad for a short time in New York and gained experience as a “Geijutsu-ka” or Fine Artist.
    Currently, her pieces center around abstract art including models, literature, music and a variety of other fields.