• TOMBOSENSEI solo exhibition “Yeah! Meccha TOMBOSENSEI”

    2016. 10. 12 Wed. - 2016. 10. 25 Tue.

    Weekend event "Tonbo Sensei in the gallery & signing session".
    October 15 (Sat), 16 (Sun) 13:00~18:00
    Tonbo Sensei will be at DMOARTS to sign the items you bring to the gallery with his three-stripe signature.
    Please feel free to visit the gallery.
    DMOARTS is pleased to announce "Yeah! Mecha Tonbo Sensei," a solo exhibition by Tonbo Sensei, who can appear anywhere by simply drawing three lines.
    In addition to the traveling works of his solo exhibition "Tokyo Tonbo Sensei Musume," which was held in Tokyo this summer and attracted a great deal of attention, the exhibition will also feature a variety of images by Tonbo Sensei. In addition to the traveling works from the "Tokyo Tombo Sensei Musume" exhibition held this summer in Tokyo, a new series of works that hacks various images with three lines will also be unveiled.
    Not only cute, this is Tonbo Sensei's first solo exhibition in Osaka.
    Please come and enjoy!
    Illustrator who hacks certain loose objects with the concept of "just draw three lines and they appear anywhere.
    Active in a wide variety of activities, including participating in solo/group exhibitions, providing illustrations for companies/publishers, directing characters, and hosting talks.