• Yukari NISHI Exhibition “INDEX#3”

    2016. 1. 27 Wed. - 2016. 2. 09 Tue.

    Yukari NISHI Exhibition “INDEX#3”
    DATES:2016,Jan,27th(Wed)-Feb,9th(Tue)(The last day will close at 6:00pm)
    The reception party will be held at 6:00pm of January 30th,and the artist will attend the party.
    Please feel free to join us.
    We are going to have Yukari NISHI exhibition “INDEX#3” at DMO ARTS, Osaka.
    Yukari is an artist lives in Kyoto, and it’s the first time in ten years to have solo show in Osaka.
    She creates her works like making collage on screen with variety of motifs like animals, humans, costumes, food, to express the fantastic view of the world, like the interval between reality and non-reality.
    Her art pieces have their story one by one, and that gives us feel like stray into the world of those tales.
    This time we will not only have latest works but also unpublished art pieces, in addition, you can purchase her works with editions and embroidery goods.

    Profile: Yukari NISHI(西祐佳里)
    Lives in Kyoto City, Japan Graduated in Department of Information Design from Kyoto University of Arts & Design.
    She creates surrealistic and mid-century-style painting by drawing landscape and humans, animals in a unique and deep tone.
    Participates in a large number of art fairs, exhibitions at domestic and overseas, also produces artworks of posters, covers of CD, items promoting the artist, video works such as music videos.
    西祐佳里 個展「INDEX#3」

    大阪DMO ARTS將舉 西祐佳里展覽會「INDEX#3」。
    祐佳里居住京都,隔了十年的?月在大阪舉 個人展。

    網站 http://ferriswheel.fem.jp