• Haruka Kanzaki’s solo exhibition “BEER, BEER, BEER!”

    2018. 3. 02 Fri. - 2018. 3. 15 Thu.

    Haruka Kanzaki’s solo exhibition “BEER, BEER, BEER!”
    2018.3.2 fri. – 3.15 thu.

    DMOARTS is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition of Haruka Kanzaki.

    Kanzaki is an illustrator in Tokyo who was one of the topical artists among participants UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2017 and won the judge award of Chang Kuochuen, the owner of Boss Gallery in Taipei. She draws lots of beer bottles all around the world. She would like to express something fun atmosphere that beer brings to our communication and lives. Her solid line drawing is reminiscent of that by Andy Warhol and Ben Shahn. Finally her solo exhibition is to be held at DMOARTS. This is also her first debut outside Tokyo. Please don’t miss this precious opportunity.

    Venue: DMOARTS
    Dates: Friday March 2 to Thursday March 15.
    Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    Reception party: Saturday March 3, 18:00 – 21:00 (no reservation)
    ** Kanzaki appears at the reception party, please come and enjoy.

    “Good company, good meals and good vibrations”, these 3 “good” things are indispensable to my life. I bet you are the same. Of course I don’t drink during drawing… who knows?
    Haruka Kanzaki

    Haruka Kanzaki was born in Shizuoka in 1999.
    Graduated from Waseda University in 2013
    Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School in 2017

    “I liked drawing, hand crafting and movies from my childhood. After studying movies at the university, I worked for a movie distribution company, the creation of subtitle dubbing section. Currently I work as a graphic designer and an illustrator.”