• KIWI Exhibition & Limited shop “Renew your eyes -Bathroom-“

    2018. 7. 27 Fri. - 2018. 8. 09 Thu.

    2018.7.27 Fri.-8.9 Thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (Until 16:00 on the last day only)

    Kyoto fashion brand KIWI and students of Kyoto University of Art and Design's Department of Spatial Design will hold an exhibition and product sales this year again.

    This year's theme, now in its sixth year, is "Bathroom.
    Original products featuring motifs of items found in bathrooms, such as soap, bathrobes, shampoo hats, and faucets, will be on display. The 25 students who created these accessories and other miscellaneous items will be on display.
    In addition, students are responsible for the planning of each product, packaging, display, and all other aspects of the production and sales process.

    A young art student's idea of how to enjoy the present with what we have. We hope you enjoy the "renewal of the senses".

    Renew your eyes
    / Fashion
    / Jewelry
    / Art work
    / Zakka
    / Graphic

    KIWI seminar(Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Spatial Design, 3rd year student)