• Koichiro Kashima Solo Exhibition “A Happy Moment with a Full of Tea”

    2018. 11. 02 Fri. - 2018. 11. 15 Thu.

    2018.11.2 Fri. – 15 Thu.
    10:00-21:00(Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    reception party
    11.3 sat 18:00–21:00
    Artists will be present to explain their works.
    listener:Yoshihiro Taniguchi (DMOARTS)

    A healing world where you can be anything but human.
    Everyone who wanders into this world is seeking healing for a reason.
    The girl "Tee" who wandered into such a world and decided to become a chameleon, and the girl "Tee-san" who decided to become a chameleon.
    This is a story about the happy three years of his younger brother "Mr. Chameleon".

    Please enjoy the world of Mr. Tee and his friends, painted with transparent watercolor in fine detail.

    Koichiro Kashima
    1991 native of Osaka

    Exhibited at UNKNOWN ASIA 2017
    Main Sponsor Award (Kiyo Bank, Ltd.)
    Jury Prize (Mr. Koji Kobayashi and Mr. Hermawan Tazil)
    Reviewer Award (Mr. Yoshitaka Watanabe and Mr. Masahiko Murakami)
    Exhibited at Osaka Daibiru Main Bldg.

    Received the President's Award at the Graduation Works Exhibition (Keiko Takemiya)
    Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design
    Participated in art fair at The Jam Factory, Bangkok
    In charge of spring campaign visuals for Kiyo Bank
    In charge of opening art for NAMBA SQUARE, a collaboration space between Kiyo Bank and FM802
    Exhibition at Jakarta dia.lo.gue. gallery

    Website : https://www.koichirokashima.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koichirokashima/
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/teakashima
    digmeout : https://digmeout.net/artists/koichiro-kashima/