• Fumitake Uchida solo exhibition “UKIYOREMIX”

    2018. 1. 12 Fri. - 2018. 1. 25 Thu.

    Fumitake Uchida solo exhibition “UKIYOREMIX”
    2018.1.12 fri. – 1.25 thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present the Fumitake Uchida’s solo exhibition “UKIYOREMIX” from January 12th (Fri).

    “Ukiyo-e”, which the ordinary people enjoyed in old times, is often treated as a high level of art in modern days. If adding a subtle humor to it, it might update from the past to the present and turn into the art that many general public will enjoy.

    One phrase from Woddy Allen’s movies “Midnight in Paris” has captured me; "What was prosaic and even vulgar to one generation, had been transmuted by the mere passing of years to a status at once magical and also camp”

    Venue: DMOARTS Dates: Friday January 12 to Thursday January 25. Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day) Reception party: Saturday January 13, 18:00 – 21:00 (no reservation) ** Uchida appears at the reception party, please come and enjoy.

    Fumitake Uchida
    Fumitake Uchida is an artist based in Osaka, Japan.
    He graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design in Textiles. Uchida focuses on the feelings in everyday life. On the basis of the Japanese spirit of emptiness of Zen, he depicts an ordinary landscape using simple lines, colors and forms. Its blankness allows us to forget time and think of memories hidden in our mind. His work has exhibited nationally and is part of public collections, has been featured in numerous publications such as “LE BOOK”. Currently he is working in various fields of art, design, music and fashion.