• DMOARTS group show “From The Station”

    2019. 6. 28 Fri. - 2019. 7. 15 Mon.

    2019.6.28 Fri. - 7.15 Mon.
    [6.29 Sat.]
    Special Live Drawing by July Chiacchi Kohara x Neko Shogun (Neko Chiaki)14:00-16:00 / 17:00-19:00
    Reception Party 19:00-21:00

    DMOARTS is pleased to present the group show "From The Station".
    DMOARTS, the art project digmeout of radio station FM802 / FM COCOLO, is a gallery of art from Osaka Station.
    This is an exhibition of 9 artists with different styles of expression that DMOARTS would like to present to you now. Please come and see the exhibition.

    chiaki kohara / Neko Shogun / Nakamura mucho yoshiteru / Terada Mayumi / riya / Sakurako Fujii / Tomeikaisen / chigira syoko / Goto Yoshitaka

    chiaki kohara
    Using acrylic gouache and various materials such as buttons, lace, and candy packages, the artist paints a wonderland that every girl must have longed for at one time or another. She received the "Yayoi Kusama Award" at the UNIQLO Creative Awards.
    Won the Grand Prix at "canvas@sony2012". Currently, he is challenging technology x art performance, which is a departure from drawing.

    The artist's style is characterized by dynamic black-and-white contrasts and rich detail, with motifs of insects, animals, and women, etc., that are both venomous and glamorous.
    He is a popular artist not only in Japan but also in Europe and the U.S., having been sparked by video sites. In addition to his solo exhibition at digmeout project, he has created numerous artworks including concept images and jacket illustrations for games.

    Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru
    An artist who collages with materials found in everyday life.
    She creates lovable works from various objects such as matchboxes, postage stamps, and vintage T-shirts, etc. She has been creating illustration works since 2018, and is active in exhibitions, including DMOARTS.
    His work includes FM802 MEET THE WORLD BEAT 2015 visuals and Osaka Marathon 2016 Nanairo charity T-shirts.

    Mayumi Terada
    Lives and works in Osaka. Graduated from Konan University, Faculty of Letters. Currently active in books, magazines, advertisements, merchandise artwork, and exhibitions.
    Has done CD jacket artwork for THE CHARM PARK, Nora Onna, Rika Tanaka, Beautiful Hummingbirds, and others.
    He is the author of the book, "May It Be a Good Day," published by Kamome Books in June 2016.
    Co-authored "100 years from now, on a day when neither you nor I will be around" published by Kyoto Buntosha.
    Create while envisioning the story.

    Born in Chicago, U.S.A. in 1985.
    Using the technique of paper cut-outs, he arranges icons such as animals, humans, waves, clouds, flames, and stars to create works that are somewhat haunting and ethnic, while evoking an ecological perspective.
    Based on the artist's activities in original art, currently working with paper cutouts for magazine illustrations, video works, advertisements, textiles, fashion, collaborative goods design, and more.

    Sakurako Fujii Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Information Design in 2018. Illustrator and graphic designer.
    Colorful brush strokes symbolizing physicality and black-and-white lines designed on data evoke the relationship between melody and rhythm.
    This rich "form" expressed through a back-and-forth between analog and digital forms is integrated with the intricately and intuitively drawn figures, and expresses the beauty of the body itself, transcending decoration.

    Formed in 2012 at Osaka University of Arts. A team of creators active mainly in the Kansai region.
    The group consists of Uki (painting and design), Shun (painting and illustration), and Toshio (video and sound), and their main performance work is a combination of live painting and projection mapping.
    In recent years, in addition to live performances, they have been expanding their possibilities for expression through video works such as music videos and animation productions, providing graphics and illustrations for corporations, and participating in the Suchmos' Shibuya and Harajuku jack advertising project.
    Winner of the Reviewer's Special Prize at the international art fair UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2018.

    Shoko Chigira
    Born in Okinawa, currently resides in Tokyo. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts with a major in copperplate engraving.
    The theme of the "Sedimentation Series," which involves multiple dripping of white base material, is sedimentary life.
    The corals that make up the Shirahama beach in his hometown of Okinawa, which presents a major question to the artist's own idea that circulation is life = the "accumulation" of life and death. It shows that our activities and the cycle of life are based on the "accumulation" of all kinds of foundations.

    Yoshitaka Goto
    Graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University, Faculty of Business Administration. Freelance photographer.
    He creates CG and sci-fi movie-like worlds using analog techniques such as multiple exposures with a film camera and cross-process development. His sometimes fantastical and sometimes crazy works have been highly evaluated in various competitions. He has held solo exhibitions mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, and exhibited at art fairs in Japan and abroad. Many of his works have been used as artwork for Lomography's official website, various advertisements, and book covers. He is active both in Japan and abroad as an instructor of film camera workshops, guest lecturer at vocational schools, and guest speaker at talk events.