• 「My First ART Fair」by DMOARTS

    2019. 1. 11 Fri. - 2019. 1. 24 Thu.

    2019.1.11 Fri. - 1.24 Thu.
    10:00-21:00 (Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    DMOARTS original art series "My First ART" has developed 700 different types of "choice" art at the same price under the theme of "making art easy" and "making art fun.
    To start off 2019, we will once again present "My First ART" for those of you who are "buying art for the first time".
    A lineup of artwork will be on display at DMOARTS for you to view. All works are framed for 10,000 yen (tax not included)!
    In addition, there is a great service for "DMOARTS members" who can easily join on the spot.
    On weekends, the artists who created "My First ART" will also stand in the store as "store clerks for a day" to promote their work.
    New art for a new year. Why not choose a valuable work of art at an affordable price?

    * * * * * *

    <Artist "Clerk for a Day">
    1.12 Sat.〜1.14 Holiday 14:00〜19:00

    Gallery Talk 18:00~
    Members are subject to change.

    [1.12 Sat.]
    Terada Mayumi , Momoyon , Ozaki Kazumi , Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru , Horimoto Yuki , Kawamura Junpei

    Horimoto Yuki , Kawamura JunpeMy "Portrait"
    We will paint your portrait with your client as the model.
    Now accepting reservations!*

    Kawamura Junpei
    Portraits that reproduce in detail the clothes and accessories worn.
    Time 13:00〜19:00
    Price ¥5,000 45分/1人
    Capacity of 8 persons
    *A5 Size

    Horimoto Yuki
    Portraits that look alike but are not, portraits that look like but are not.
    Time 13:00〜18:00
    Price ¥3,000 30 minutes per person
    *Same price for more people on one sheet of paper
    *Postcard size (depending on number of people)

    *Reservations can be made at DMOARTS stores, by phone or e-mail.
    06-6450-8187 onlineshop@dmoarts.com

    [1.13 Sun.]
    YUGO、PalmGraphics、Kashima Koichiro、Hoshika Ken、Oku Nobuyuki

    Oku Nobuyuki "MODE CROQUIS" Now accepting reservations!*
    We will make a one-of-a-kind original "mode croquis" of you as a model.
    Mode Croquis" is a type of fashion drawing that is not an exercise in painting, but rather a stylish illustration with sophisticated lines. You will receive a highly finished work of art from among several paintings.
    This is your chance to get your hands on a drawing of your model.
    Full-body and standing poses for one person / regulation size paper / approx. 20 min.
    5,000 yen per piece (tax not included)

    [1.14 Holiday]
    Yuma Yamashiro、ARTTOGO、Koji Shiroshita

    * * * * * *

    <「My Fisrt ART」formal introduction to a newlywed couple (esp. as an introduction to a married couple)>
    DMOARTS Yoshihiro Taniguchi
    For your room or as a gift for your loved ones.
    We will select the perfect art from 700 different types.

    *Reservations can be made at DMOARTS stores, by phone or email.
    06-6450-8187 onlineshop@dmoarts.com