• Ryoki Kurasaki Solo Exhibition “Traces Of The Soul

    2019. 5. 17 Fri. - 2019. 5. 30 Thu.

    2019.5/17 Fri. - 5/30 Thu.
    10:00-21:00 (Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    Reception Party 5/18 Sat. 18:00-
    Gallery Talk 5/18 Sat. 19:00-

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "Traces Of The Soul," a solo exhibition by Ryoki Kurasaki.
    Kurasaki paints portraits based on oil paintings and burns the eyes of the painted figures. He attempts to pursue the reality of the painted motifs by using the phenomena and materials generated by burning the canvas, the exposed space, and the compositional elements of the canvas itself.
    In this exhibition, the "Traces Of The Soul" series, which expresses life and the soul with soot and burn marks created by burning canvas, and the "Blindness" series, which expresses how we face death and our attitude toward it in today's society, where death is far away, by blurring the motif of the dead and burning their eyes. Blindness" series will be exhibited. This is the first solo exhibition in Osaka by the artist, who has been well received at UNKNOWN ASIA and ART OSAKA. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

    [Artist's Statement]
    Fire has often been a metaphor for life.
    This is because the "burning while consuming fuel" of a flame is similar to the "feeding while active" of humans, and the "extinguishing" of a fire is associated with "death," among other things.
    By incorporating fire into my work, I attempt to approach the reality of the motifs depicted.

    Ryoki Kurasaki
    1995 Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    2016 Graduated from Kyushu Designer Gakuin

    「Heart Art in FUKUOKA 2016」Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Fukuoka
    Joint Exhibition of Local New Creators" Iwataya, Fukuoka
    Paris Fashion Week" Amijed booth France
    「DISCOVER THE ONE JAPANERE ART」 Galerie JOSEPH Saint Martin  France
    「UNKNOWN ASIA 2017」 Osaka
    「A SIGN OF EMOTION」 Masataka contemporary Tokyo
    The 13th Tugboat Award Winners Group Exhibition" Tokyo, Japan
    「UNKNOWN ASIA 2018」Osaka

    ・art fair
    「ART OSAKA 2018」Osaka(DMOARTS)
    「Art Expo Malaysia 2018」 Malaysia(LSD)
    「PARIS CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW」France(Gallery Kogure)
    「ART ASIA 2018」Korea(Gallery Kogure)
    「Taipei Dangdai 2019 」Taipei(Roentgenwerke AG)
    「ART FAIR PHILIPPINES 2019」Philippines(Gallery Kogure)
    「ART FAIR TOKYO 2019」Tokyo(Gallery Kogure)
    「ART CENTRAL 2019」Hong Kong(Gallery Kogure)

    13th Tugboat Awards, Honorable Mention
    UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 Jury's Ryoichi Matsuo Award (TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY)

    ・Media Coverage
    2017 「The Guide Artists」Published in Volumes 8 and 10 Spain
    2018 「The Guide Artists」Japanese artist special issue cover and artwork
        Nikkei Plus 10 "Art Special
    2019  Art Collectors March issue