• art stage OSAKA 2022

    2022. 6. 03 Fri. - 2022. 6. 05 Sun.

    Kurashiki aya / Transition #Ophelia

    Medium transfer on wooden panel and linen / H2400 x W5000 x D70mm / 2019

    Nanami / The Forest of Death and Life (2021)

    200×120×100/Ceramic, Iron, Glaze

    Noda Jusmin / ghost 元柳葉紋色絵姫茶碗

    ceramics / 2022

    Hasegawa Yuki / A Tale of Insomnia “Tale of Insomnia”

    1300 x1620mm / oil on canvas / 2020

    hin / blank papaya

    spray / acrylic and ink on canvas / 455 x 530 mm

    Yakushigawa Chiharu / Right and left hand paintings

    Crimson and pearl pink gold / 2021 / Pigment / Baked tempera / Linden veneer panel / 1000 x 1220mm

    art stage OSAKA, an international art fair in Osaka, will be held at Dojima River Forum from June 3 (Fri.) to 5 (Sun.) [Preview: June 2 (Thu.)]. 6 artists from DMOARTS will be presenting their works. The works of these artists will be introduced here.

    Kurashiki aya
    Born 1993 in Hyogo Prefecture. Currently based in Tokyo. 2018 Completed Kyoto University of Art and Design. 2020 Completed graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts. He is a recipient of the 26th scholarship from the Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation. He was a scholarship recipient of the Kuma Foundation's 3rd scholarship.
    Kurashiki deals with multiple media such as performance and installation, centering on two-dimensional works using transfer techniques, and his activities are centered on the connection with others. For example, individuals are distinguished by categories such as gender and nationality, as well as by the values formed by their personal backgrounds and environments. In addition, the physical body is never fused with others. In his works, Kurashiki attempts to communicate closely with others, to seek coexistence, or to fuse with others.

    Born in Osaka in 1996. He is a second year student of Leading Artists at Tokyo University of the Arts.
    Based on his own philosophy influenced by Western philosophy, Buddhism and animism, NANAMI creates ceramic works mainly through fieldwork on Yakushima Island. NANAMI overlaps the "interplay of life and death" of the Jomon cedars he encountered during his fieldwork in Yakushima with the fusion of materials and the coagulation of materials in the firing process.

    Noda Jusmin
    Born in 1996 in Thailand. She produces ceramic works and installations using them.
    In order to clarify the multifaceted form of contemporary kôgei (crafts), the relationship between "kôgei" and "art" is discussed through his ceramic works. In the "ghost" series, he uses "cracking" as a decorative technique derived from modeling, extracting only the use from the vessels to create an ambivalent expression between the two sides of the same coin: "the representation of use and modeling.

    Hasegawa Yuki
    Painter. Lives and works in Osaka. Completed the master's program in oil painting at Kyoto City University of Arts.
    Based in Kyoto at the collaborative studio "punto. While growing various plants, he became interested in the fact that plants are living creatures with a life-support system and the flow of time that are completely different from those of humans. He depicts plants as others in his paintings, referring to the history and culture of human involvement with plants.

    Born in Chiba, Japan in 1990, he graduated from Tama Art University's Department of Graphic Design in 2014.
    Under the production concept of "Digital Detox," he attempts to detoxify information overload by using pixel representation as the "materialization of information.

    Yakushigawa Chiharu
    Chiharu Yakushikawa develops her own unique paintings in various ways based on the theme of "pair" relationships.
    In the "Right Hand and Left Hand" series, in which he applies paint directly to his right and left hands and paints by hand, he expresses the blending of the individual with the other by painting with pigments he has mixed himself.


    ・Date & Time
    2022/6/3(Fri) 11:00 ~ 19:00
    2022/6/4(Sat) 11:00 ~ 19:00
    2022/6/5(Sun) 11:00 ~ 16:00
    ※Thursday, June 2 will be a special preview for press and related parties only.

    Dojima River Forum
    1-1-17 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

    ・Official Web Site

    art stage OSAKA 2022" will be the first international art fair to be held in Osaka, following "ART FAIR TOKYO" in Tokyo. Selected galleries from Japan and abroad will exhibit and sell contemporary art works condensed from the domestic and international art scene in Dojima and Nakanoshima, where postwar art flourished.
    As an international and diverse art market platform, "art stage OSAKA 2022" will offer a variety of exhibitions and programs as a venue for information exchange and socializing not only among art fans and art professionals, but also among ambassadors of various countries, government officials, and key figures in the business community.
    We propose a new lifestyle from "appreciating art" to "owning art" and a "new way of dealing with art" to enrich people's minds and lives through art as cultural and social capital.
    The "art stage OSAKA 2022" will serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of the art market in the Osaka area in preparation for the upcoming international exposition, and will contribute to the promotion of culture and the arts, including the development of artists and art and cultural human resources, as well as the social and economic revitalization.