• Art Exhibition Kyoto“Creative Xcross”

    2022. 11. 11 Fri. - 2022. 11. 20 Sun.

    Skeleton Crew Studio and DMOARTS are pleased to present "Creative Xcross," an exhibition combining their respective fields of expertise: digital technology for Skeleton Crew Studio and contemporary art for DMOARTS. We will introduce the works of artists who extend the expression of art from multiple perspectives, such as 3DCG, video, painting, etc., and create new intersections between them. Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

    11/11 Fri. - 11/13 Sun. 11/18 Fri. - 11/20 Sun.
    12:00 - 19:00
    2022 11/19 Sat. 17:00 -
    1F Skeleton Crew Studio O-DEN Bldg. 38-1 Koromonotana-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8203
    Masamitsu Okada(OMD), xorium, Sakiki Matsumura, Kotomi Mizobata
    Skeleton Crew Studio, DMOARTS
    Nue Corporation, Buckskin Beer, Jienenosake Meguru