2024. 1. 26 Fri. - 2024. 1. 28 Sun.

    Hal Osawa

    Koga Miura

    Mie Takahashi

    Rooo Lou

    Saki Matsumura

    We are pleased to announce our participation in ONE ART TAIPEI 2024, an international hotel art fair to be held in Taipei.
    From DMOARTS, works by Hal Osawa, Koga Miura, Mie Takahashi, Rooo Lou, and Saki Matsumura will be exhibited.


    Hal Osawa
    Born in Tokyo in 1997.
    Using a copying machine, a symbol of "reproduction," the artist creates a one-time work of art.
    By repeating once again the coincidence that appeared through the machine, a displacement is generated, and the paradox of "being a reproduction but not a duplicate" visualizes and expresses the ambiguity of the value of the copy and the original.


    Koga Miura
    Born in 1997 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, he completed his master's degree in oil painting at Kyoto University of Arts in 2021.
    He creates two-dimensional works based on the main themes of "coincidence" and "artifice/randomness. By using random numbers and written instructions in the decision-making stages of composition and color schemes, he eliminates the conscious artifice of the creator. By doing so, the artist's work is purely random, and the blurring and coincidence of the output of the body are allowed to emerge. Just as a mechanically-drawn work that follows instructions has its own unique expression, he finds contingency in the ordinary day-to-day, and continues to create works in order to affirm irregular events.


    Mie Takahashi
    Born in 1994 in Hokkaido, Japan, she graduated from Yokohama College of Art in 2017 in the field of Crafts.
    Currently based in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture.
    Based on ideas generated from the lines and shapes of doodles she casually scribbles on a daily basis, she creates three-dimensional works based on terra cotta and resin.
    The abstract and unique shapes and colorful gradations painted with original paints give various impressions depending on the angle of view.
    instagram @mie___takahashi


    Rooo Lou
    Born in 1988 in Osaka.
    After working as a designer, he shifted his method of expression to illustration.
    Since then, he has provided artwork for apparel brands and advertisements.
    In recent years, he has been showing his work both in Japan and abroad, focusing on minimalist portraiture.


    Saki Matsumura
    Born 1993 in Nagano, Japan, currently lives in Kyoto, Japan. 2017 Completed Master's program in Painting, Department of Art, Kyoto University of Art and Design.
    She creates dynamic paintings by combining sprayed and silk-screened colored surfaces with uneven surfaces heavily covered with paint. The collision of different elements creates a strange harmony that opens up the imagination to new sensations.

    『ONE ART TAIPEI 2024』

    ・Date and Time
    Public Days:2024.1.27(Sat)-28(Sun) 11:00 - 19:00
    Collector Preview:1.26(Fri) 11:00 - 19:00
    VIP Preview:1.26(Fri) 14:00 - 19:00

    Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei
    No. 133, Sec.3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

    ・Official Web Site

    ONE ART Taipei (OAT) aims to establish the best hotel art fair in Asia and boasts extensive experience in international art fair production. It was recognized as one of the top 10 art fairs recommended by LA VIE and also received the 2015 TID Award for Space Installation Art.
    Earlier this year, ONE ART Taipei 2023 was unaffected by the infection. It succeeded in inviting a large number of outstanding galleries from both inside and outside Taiwan, attracting more than 10,000 visitors and achieving impressive sales. With tremendous support and recognition, OAT will host its 5th Hotel Fair from January 26 to 28, 2024 (the 26th will be devoted to collectors and VIP previews), further promoting the potential of contemporary art.