2019. 8. 28 Wed. - 2019. 9. 17 Tue.

    2019.8.28 Wed. - 9.17 Tue.
    OPEN 10:00 - 20:00
    JR Kyoto Isetan, 3rd floor = Special venue

    We are pleased to announce a limited time POP UP on the 3rd floor of Isetan JR Kyoto = special space. We have selected colorful artists to match the remodeling of the floor. Please take this opportunity to take a look.

    Produced by DMOARTS

    Saki Matsumura
    Completed Master's program in Painting, Department of Art, Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2017. Selected for "Turner Acrylic Gouache Biennale 2017" and "Tokyo Wonder Seed 2017." Combining acrylic painting, silkscreen, and stencil, he attempts to visualize abstract concepts in his painting works with complex layers and three-dimensional effects. The expression that creates the illusion of a relationship between earth and figure, and the matiere that emphasizes the unevenness of the surface by spraying, create a gap between the viewer's perception and the reality, making the viewer aware of the distortion of his perception.

    Masako Nakahira
    Using ubiquitous landscapes and people as motifs, he depicts in oil paintings fleeting, transient scenes that are not clearly visible, but certainly exist. His works are divided into several series, each of which has a different theme, but his method of expression is consistently simple and evokes images in the viewer. He regularly exhibits his works mainly in the Kansai area.

    Ryoki Kurasaki
    The artist paints portraits based on oil paintings and burns the eyes of the painted figures. He attempts to pursue the reality of the painted motifs by using the phenomena and materials generated by burning the canvas, the exposed space, and the compositional elements of the canvas itself.

    Yuma Yamashiro
    An artist active mainly in the Kansai region. He studied Western-style painting at university, and now creates semi-physical works and three-dimensional structures. His original visual works, which resemble architectural models, are influenced by architectural structures and urban design. He captures real and unreal things from a bird's eye view and composes them in a single image.

    Frankie Cihi
    Born in Tokyo in 1988, half Japanese and half American, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2010. Her work, which was inspired by the identity loss she experienced during her college years, is always with an awareness of "Harmony". Her somewhat nostalgic yet fresh motifs and use of color represent "glocalization" rather than globalization, which continues to diversify even today. His works are not limited to canvas, but include a wide range of expressions such as murals and live painting, and he has participated in collaborations with various companies such as Starbucks, Instagram, Adobe, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, etc. In 2014, he appeared on Fuji Television's reality show "Terrace House and later appeared on "Odoru Sanma Goten," "Fukaii Hanashi," and "Tetsuko's Room. Currently based in Tokyo, he is developing his work globally.

    Waters Taking the words of Mencius of the Shuji Hyakke (The Hundred Families of the Buddha) as the origin of our name, we have a design factory and a select store in Okinawa. It is generally considered a bad thing for beliefs, concepts, and messages to become blurred. However, we take the attitude and attitude of "We are willing to change in order to move forward" and "We move forward despite the blurring" as common sense within our organization. In addition to the chinoise bag "SUI," Jingdezhen porcelain and new art pieces from "Komintern" will be exhibited.

    JR Kyoto Isetan
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