2020. 10. 01 Thu. - 2020. 10. 03 Sat.

    Juno Mizobuchi

    Triangle, 2020, wood panel acrylic, approx. H725 x W1455 mm

    Kurumi Kotani

    Virginia, 2020, wood panel, cotton cloth, acrylic, H455 x W380mm

    Saki Matsumura

    combination-switchbacks, 2020, wood panel, cotton fabric, acrylic paint, H803 x W652 x D50mm

    Sakurako Fujii

    0512_04, 2020, digital drawing, alcohol ink, H545 x W424mm

    Takuro Tamura

    Lovers#4, 2020, FRP, mirror, mortar, H2750×W860×D380mm

    Tomoshi Yasuda

    1.278ppi_15, 2017, oil on canvas, H333 x W242 x D20mm


    REBORN, 2020, acrylic paint and oil pen, H420 x W297mm

    To be a "tangent" to share the value of enjoying art.
    SESSEN" means "tangent. In the space called "office" where many people interact and spend a lot of time, we will exhibit selected artworks that we recommend for the current collection. The works of seven young and talented artists will be presented in the form of an art fair.

    Viewing artwork in the office provides an experience previously unavailable in museums and galleries.
    It is easy to imagine "if the artwork is actually displayed in a living space.
    To feel "how art can comfortably transform a space and bring inspiration."
    In the new normal social environment where people spend more time in specific places such as their homes and offices, the "power of art" is needed more than ever, and can be enjoyed as a one-stop shop from viewing to purchasing.

    This exhibition is planned with the cooperation of TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY and keshiki.jp, and will be held at the offices of FM802 & FM COCOLO, radio stations that continue to transmit music from Osaka. COCOLO", a radio station that continues to transmit music from Osaka. The event will be held at the offices of FM802 & FM COCOLO, two radio stations that continue to transmit music from Osaka, and will feature a unique fusion of contemporary art and music.

    To be an opportunity for viewers, collectors, artists, galleries, companies, and other people to make contact with each other. And from dots to lines. Our goal is to create a tangent line where people can share the value of enjoying art.

    Juno Mizobuchi
    Kurumi Kotani
    Saki Matsumura
    Sakurako Fujii
    Takuro Tamura
    Tomoshi Yasuda

    session 2020.10.1(Thu) ―3(Sat)
    preview 10.1(Thu) 15:00 - 19:00 (Invitees and related persons only)
    Public 10.2(Fri) 14:00 - 19:00
    10.3(Sat) 12:00 - 17:00
    ※Entry until 1 hour before the end of the day
    ※Free entrance, advance reservation required
    Venue FM802 / FM COCOLO head office
    2-6 Tenjinbashi 2-chome-kita, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0041, Japan
    Minamimorimachi station on Osaka Metro Tamamachi Line
    Organizing DMOARTS digmeout
    Support FM802 FM COCOLO
    Cooperation TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY Keshiki.jp

    For the official website and reservations for the visit, please visitthis way